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Planning your event can feel overwhelming. Aside from choosing the right space, there are dozens of “to-do’s” to cross off – transportation, food/catering, marketing, websites, invitations – the list goes on. There is also a constant concern that you may have “missed” something. Surrounding yourself with the right team means those to-dos will be crossed off for you, not by you. The right professionals have done it so many times that they remember the things you’ve missed, or that you haven’t thought of. Since opening in 2016, we have guided hundreds of groups through this process. Over the years, we’ve developed relationships with local professional chefs, photographers, planners, caterers, and more – most of whom are within a stone’s throw of our space. The result is the best of both worlds – the experience of a natural sanctuary with the same standards you’re used to close to home.

Your Personal Sanctuary

Secluded in wilderness, Wheel Of Bliss’s facilities are perfect for private ceremonies. Whether your gathering is small or large, our sanctuary will your personal slice of heaven.

Staff Who Care

From before you book and beyond check out, our staff are here to help. Whether it’s our virtual team assisting you with planning, or our on-site staff checking you in, our goal is to ensure your retreat succeeds.

Customizable Experiences

Customize your retreat to deliver breath-taking experiences for your attendees. Flexible and accommodating, we can connect you with our network of chefs, photographers, and healers, adjust arrival an departure times, and give you the right spaces to make magic happen.


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The first step to making your event a reality is taking action. If you're weighing your options, it can be helpful to get an expert opinion. Reach out to us today to learn more.