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A Serene Retreat in North Carolina

The Celestial Hall

A Scandinavian-style hall with warm natural lighting enveloped by forest. Share meals in warmth and community during your next retreat.

The Celestial Hall is a spacious retreat venue nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Highlands with all the amenities you need to accommodate your next retreat, including:

  • Scandinavian-style architecture

  • Spacious hall for large dining occasions

  • Twin torches guarding a large entryway

  • Lush forest and picturesque mountain view right outside

  • Intimate dining fit for celestials

If you’re looking for a retreat center in North Carolina far from the hustle and bustle, The Celestial Hall offers the perfect getaway in Hot Springs. Escape from the outside world and find sanctuary in nature.


The Celestial Hall provides everything you need to offer an incredible retreat experience:

Space for several dozen participants

Dine in class and community with all of your participants

In-house kitchen

Prepare intimate meals or large feasts with a slew of modern appliances and amenities.

Natural beauty

The Celestial Hall is positioned on a small bald, surrounded by mountains

Lawn access

Large grass area right outside to set up outside dining

On-site parking

Ample parking for all vehicles.


Three separate bathrooms and shower stalls.

Ample lighting

Tin torches on the outside and sparkling chandeliers on the inside create a warm ambience.

Internet access

Fiber optic internet is accessible and can be turned on or off as needed


On-site smoke alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, and fire extinguishers.

On-site check-in & Site Visits

Get a walkthrough of the hall before you arrive or the day of your event.

Spacious Gathering Hall

The Celestial Hall provides everything you need for a complete retreat experience, including:

  • Spacious retreat hall with sparkling chandeliers create a warm ambiance

  • Large in-house kitchen for preparing meals

  • The ideal environment for communal gathering

Natural Beauty

Enjoy one another’s company amid the beauty of the Blue Ridge Highlands:

  • Breath-taking view of the mountains and surrounding forests

  • Crisp mountain air creates a welcome reprieve from everyday life

  • Nearby freshwater stream allows for deep relaxation


Everything you need to properly entertain your retreat group in and out of the retreat hall:

  • Incredible natural vistas

  • Perfect hiking trails

  • Lawn access offers large grassy areas, perfect for outdoor yoga or meditation sessions


Make your retreat goers feel welcomed and taken care of:

  • On-site parking offers ample space for all participants

  • Check-in and walkthrough with our on-site manager Rob

  • Steps away from The Celestial Center, a large Mongolian-style yurt that’s perfect for sacred ceremonies and other gatherings

  • Wifi internet access is available and can be turned off if you would like to create a wifi-free zone.

Health and Safety

The Celestial Hall and greater Wheel of Bliss retreat center affords every health and safety precaution necessary to offer a safe retreat experience to your participants:

  • Clean kitchen area for preparing meals

  • Three separate bathrooms and shower stalls

  • On-site smoke alarm, carbon monoxide detector, and fire extinguisher

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer catering packages?2024-04-22T13:55:14+00:00

Please contact us for approximate prices ranges & catering packages. While we do not offer catering services directly, we can refer you to our rolodex of contacts if you book a retreat with us.

Can I reserve The Celestial Hall and Center at the same time?2024-04-22T13:57:01+00:00

The Celestial Hall, Celestial Center, and Bliss House (in any combination) can be reserved simultaneously.

Just reach out to the WoB team for more information and we’ll do everything we can to help you plan your perfect retreat experience!

How far are you from Asheville?2024-05-16T08:36:37+00:00

The Celestial Hall and greater Wheel of Bliss retreat center sit in the heart of the Blue Ridge mountains about one hour from the center of Asheville.

What separates Wheel of Bliss’s Celestial Hall from other lodging options?2024-04-09T07:46:49+00:00

Designed for people looking for a calm and uplifting setting, Celestial Hall may have special spiritual or wellness facilities that add to the retreat experience.

Does Celestial Hall make a good location for individual or group retreats?2024-04-10T07:03:55+00:00

With adaptable places that can be used for quiet, meditation, or group activities, it is probably made to accommodate both solo travelers and group retreats.

What amenities are available to visitors at Celestial Hall?2024-04-10T07:02:04+00:00

Expect cozy accommodations with thoughtful extras like meditation places, peaceful outdoor areas, and rooms meant for introspection and relaxation, all of which are intended to promote a peaceful and revitalizing visit.

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