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Day Retreats at Wheel of Bliss

The Perfect One-Day Reset

Regular retreats are powerful experiences full of rejuvenation and connection… but they can often be too few and far between.

Daily life is more hectic than ever, and your participants need to plan around both work and family obligations to make them happen.

Because of this, multi-day retreats require planning months in advance and the scheduling rarely works out for every participant.

The answer: a Day Retreat at Wheel of Bliss.

The perfect one-day reset to step away from the world and heal, Day Retreats at the Wheel of Bliss retreat center are the perfect thing when you need to recenter and reconnect.

At Wheel of Bliss, you have access to:

Together, they offer everything you need to create a quick but incredibly enriching experience for your yoga or meditation group, women’s circle, or spiritual collective.

Click below to create your own Day Retreat in Hot Springs, NC:

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Why Choose a Day Retreat at
Wheel of Bliss?

You can find a retreat center anywhere. But a retreat center deep in the mountains that serves as a sacred backdrop for your group retreat is something only Wheel of Bliss provides.

If close city access is important to you, this probably isn’t the retreat location for you. You’re about to venture into the heart of nature– and your participants won’t leave the same.

A meditation day retreat, or other one-day retreat, is deepend with the proper backdrop and environment. The serene natural setting and sacred space cultivated at Wheel of Bliss instantly
surrounds you and anchors you to both yourself and your practice.

In our serene natural setting at Wheel of Bliss, you can immerse yourself in:

  • Natural beauty
    The natural wonder and beauty of the Blue Ridge mountain range

  • Wonder of nature
    Breathe the crisp mountain air, hear the ever-present flow of nearby waterfalls, and find perspective gazing upon the majesty of the mountain range in the distance
  • Outdoor sessions
    Use the Bliss House’s spacious deck for incredible outdoor yoga or meditation sessions, dining, and more

  • Sacred spaces
    Find the perfect indoor practice center via the sacred altar room at The Bliss House or enjoy the Celestial Hall and Center with everything your group needs for deep work, healing, and relaxation

  • Heart-filling adventure
    Set out on adventure via the nearby hiking trails and see where Blue Ridge takes you
  • Perfect reset
    Bathe in fresh spring water and experience the deep relaxation of the natural world

Facilities and

Whether your Day Retreat includes yoga, meditation, group dining, a sacred ceremony, or other experience, Wheel of Bliss in Hot Springs, NC has a space and amenities to serve your every need.

Elevate your experience with exclusive features and amenities including:

  • The perfect spiritual seclusion, isolated deep in the Blue Ridge mountain range about an hour from the center of Asheville, NC

  • Enjoy the entire property to yourself when booking a group retreat

  • On-site manager for check-ins and walk-throughs

  • Pet friendly

The Bliss House

  • The center of your one-day retreat experience, overlooking a lush canopy of forest covering the Blue Ridge mountain range

  • Spacious deck ideal for yoga, meditation sessions, or group dining experiences

  • Nearby hiking trails for setting out and seeing everything Blue Ridge has to offer

  • Sacred spaces inside perfect for practicing indoors

The Celestial Hall

  • Scandinavian-style hall

  • Beautiful entryway with twin torches

  • Green, living roof offers a beautiful overhead backdrop in the
  • Warm and spacious interior perfect for intimate dining
    experiences for dozens of retreatants

The Celestial Center

  • Circular, Mongolian-style yurt with an intimate vibe

  • The glass dome ceiling allows sunlight to pour in from atop

  • Steps away from the Celestial Hall

  • 1600-foot deck overlooking nature

  • Perfect for sacred ceremonies


If you’re looking to create the perfect Day Retreat for your group, Wheel of Bliss in Hot Springs NC is equipped to handle your needs.

Reach out to book The Bliss House, Celestial Hall, or Celestial Center either by themselves or as a full retreat experience.

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Wheel of Bliss Retreat

Wheel of Bliss offers a variety of retreat packages to help you create the perfect Day Retreat for you and your group.

Looking for a larger, secluded interior space for a day event or workshop?
The Celestial Center has you covered.

Need lodging and a space for a sacred ceremony?
Bliss House + the Celestial Center is the perfect combo.

Hosting a meditation retreat with a large dining aspect?
Add the Celestial Hall for an incredible dining experience.

Retreat Packages

Wheel Of Bliss Retreat

Full access to all 3 facilities for an entire day. Includes 16 beds, 4 cots, and 8.5 bathrooms

The Bliss House

Access the entire Bliss House and surrounding grounds for your day event.

The Celestial Hall and Center

Full access to our Yurt and the Hall for dining, kitchen, shower, and bathroom access

The Celestial Center

Access the yurt and Hall bathrooms/showers (no kitchen/dining access)

Activities and

Imagine your perfect one-day retreat.

Perhaps it includes an early morning group meditation, a long hike through the highlands and the calm of nature surrounding you, followed by an intimate ceremony or talk, and capped off by sharing a meal with friends and students.

Whatever that perfect experience is to you, Wheel of Bliss can accommodate a variety of activities and workshops to calm your heart, nourish your spirit, and feed your mind.

Guest Reviews


A lovely, secluded part of the world. Very comfortable accommodations. Communication with the host was incredibly smooth, prompt and courteous. Definitely recommend for large groups wanting to retreat and unplug.



Beautiful property that had absolutely everything we needed for our retreat! Rob is the best property manager and made our stay absolutely perfect!



A paradise perfect for mindful retreats! Peaceful trails, waterfalls, clear starry skies, and comfortable beds.



We just spent a weekend at this beautiful retreat center. It is the perfect location to disconnect from all the distractions of the world and enjoy the solitude.  Colin was very communicative and orderly. Everything was prompt and response time was impressive.  Rob, the grounds keeper, was fantastic. Very nice and personable, made contact once and we only heard from him if we reached out, but there really was no need as they had everything setup from the beginning.  Highly, highly recommend this location if you need room for a large group, and want to disconnect and focus on each other.



This space holds such pure magic and love. It was absolutely perfect for our group of 12 women for a Rebirthing experience. The trails are stunning, and the home is cozy and well stocked. We are so blessed to have found this space and plan to return again and again!


Create Your Perfect Day Retreat

Whether you’re planning a daytime meditation gathering, or a one-day yoga retreat, Wheel of Bliss is ready to accommodate.

Click below to contact us and start planning your next Day Retreat at Wheel of Bliss in Hot Springs, NC.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of retreats and activities can Wheel of Bliss accommodate?2024-05-16T08:46:55+00:00

Wheel of Bliss is ideal for a variety of retreats and activities, including yoga and meditation groups, women’s circles, spiritual collectives, and more. It offers the perfect setting for activities such as early morning meditations, hikes through the highlands, intimate ceremonies or talks, and communal dining experiences.

What are the check-in and check-out times for a Day Retreat, and is there an on-site manager available?2024-04-10T07:10:19+00:00

Check-in can be as early as 7 A.M. and check out as late as 11 P.M. However, for events running later into the night, break-down must begin at 10 P.M. Check-in and check-out times for a Day Retreat at Wheel of Bliss are designed to maximize your one-day experience. Our on-site manager is available for check-ins and an initial walkthrough.

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