Rest, Reflect, & Rejuvenate

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Blue Ridge with our mountain retreat that melds into National Forest as far as the eye can see.

Your Personal Sanctuary

Time moves faster than ever with the hustle and bustle of modern life. With so much to do, it can feel like there is no space to sit and breathe. It becomes difficult to hear your inner voice of wisdom in the sea of distractions. Important decisions are rushed. Instead of listening to what we are called to do, it becomes easier to fall into patterns of convenience. We opened Wheel Of Bliss to serve as a retreat that empowers you to reconnect--to yourself, to others, to nature, and to spirit. To walk away from the modern, to reaffirm your connections, and to return back stronger. Whether you are leading a group retreat, an intimate gathering, or a sacred ceremony, Wheel Of Bliss is your personal sanctuary to reconnect with what matters most.

Bliss House

Welcome to your retreat nexus. Hidden away deep in Blue Ridge, The Bliss House overlooks a sea of forested land. Outside, breathe in fresh forest air, hear the rush of waterfalls, and see peaks of mountains in the distance. Gather your group on our spacious deck for yoga, meditation, dining, and more. Hike trails and bathe in fresh spring water. Inside, enter a sacred space. Practice, heal, and relax in our altar room adorned with sacred paintings and effigies from the Himalayas. Rest your head on one of our 16 plush beds, that include soft linens and thick comforters to stay warm in the winter. Whether you're planning a large spiritual retreat, an intimate gathering, or a couples night, The Bliss House is your home in the mountains.

Celestial Hall

Dine together in a hall fit for celestials. A living, green roof is visible from a distance. Twin torches flicker at each side of the entranceway, greeting you as you open giant castle doors. Once inside, walls and ceilings reflect sparkling light from chandeliers. The time for warmth, merriment, and joy has begun.

Celestial Center

Create the ceremony you desire in the open space of The Celestial Center. Steps from The Celestial Hall, The Celestial Center is a Mongolian-style yurt that is 33’ in diameter and sits atop a 1600 square foot deck overlooking a mountain valley. As you walkthrough the entranceway, there is wide, open space in all directions. High walls blend into vaulted ceilings that point to the heavens. At its pinnacle, a glass dome at the top allows sunshine to flood in during the day. At night, lay down and look up to see the stars and moon shine through. Open windows to feel a cool mountain breeze flow through and hear the sound of waterfalls in the distance. Rain or shine, The Celestial Center will give you the space you need for prayer, meditation, dance, yoga, and more.

Sacred Ceremonies

Planning your ceremony is a lot of work. Our team has worked with hundreds of retreats since 2016. Our goal is to make the right recommendations upfront to ensure your retreat is a success. Whether your gathering is small or large, whether you need to book all our spaces or only one, we will work with you every step of the way.

Sacred Mountain

The Blue Ridge Highlands are gentle, rolling mountains blanketed with green forestry and clear blue skies. As a part of the Appalachain mountain range, The Highlands once stood as tall as the European Alps and are over 480 million years old, making them the oldest mountains in the world. They are a touchstone to the beauty, endurance, and primordial histroy of the Earth.

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