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In creating a sacred space for retreatants, we believe that it is also our duty to be stewards of our 63 acres of land. In 2017, we have begun implementing programs that will increase the health and vitality of the forests, waterways, and wildlife on our land. Currently our land qualifies as a Certified Wildlife Habitat under The National Wildlife Federation. Additionally, our staff is working with local, state, and federal conservation programs as well as private consultants to create sanctuaries for endangered species, protect our forests from man-made and natural disasters, and transition to 100% renewable, off-grid energy sources.

Nature is dynamic and responsive. By giving back to the natural world, we believe that the natural world will give back healing and peace to all who step foot on our the land. By choosing to book with Wheel of Bliss, you are not only staying at our facilities – you are creating a better future for the environment.

A portion of the funds from every stay our allocated to our conservation initiatives, However, if you would like to donate to our conservation programs directly, you may do so also. All donations are tax-deductible. Inquiries can be made via support@wheelofbliss.org or 828-348-8719. Help us co-create a better environment for future generations. Call or email us today

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